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Revoking Attestation

Attestations within BAS can undergo revocation when their validity or accuracy diminishes, a process applicable both on-chain and off-chain. Marking an attestation as invalid becomes imperative in instances of errors during issuance or when the represented data becomes obsolete.


Revocation fundamentally transforms an attestation's status from "valid" to "revoked" by updating the revoked field to true. This adjustment affords enhanced control and adaptability throughout the attestation's lifecycle.

Reasons for Revocation

Several circumstances may necessitate the revocation of an attestation:

  • The attestation loses its validity or relevance.
  • Issuance occurred in error or was grounded in inaccurate information.
  • The underlying conditions or requirements for the attestation have changed.

Revoking On-chain Attestations through SDK

User can find out how to revoke an attestation here

Revoking Attestations On BASCAN

For attestors accessing the BASCAN, manual revocation is possible by clicking the "revoke attestation" button on the unique attestation page. This option is exclusively visible to the attester.