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Welcome to BAS

πŸŽ‰ Welcome.​

The BNB Attestation Service (BAS) is an infrastructure built on the BNB ecosystem for generating attestation to verify information. BAS assists users in on-chain or off-chain verification, allowing them to assert ownership of attestation by storing them in Greenfield. This approach ensures data privacy and access control.

Data is a crucial piece of the Web3 puzzle. However, the inherent closed nature of blockchain technology limits its ability to verify information from off-chain sources, significantly constraining the potential applications and value discovery within Web3. Therefore, there is a need for a standard to generate attestations for validating the authenticity of information. Attestations play a critical role whenever there is a requirement to prove or verify something.

Simultaneously, a core tenet of Web3 is explicitly defining user data ownership and safeguarding data privacy. A method is needed to empower users to selectively present their attestations to relevant parties, preventing unauthorized access to user attestations.

BAS serves as a standard and infrastructure for generating arbitrary attestations. Anyone can define any attestation in BAS along with its resolver. BAS supports the generation of on-chain/off-chain attestations, and by storing off-chain attestations in Greenfield, users gain ownership, ensure attestation privacy, and implement access control.

With BAS, users can introduce any data into Web3, assert ownership of the data, and complete the assetization of data.

In short BAS try to solve two things:

  • How to ensure the authenticity of data.
  • Help user assert ownership of their attestation.

We believe by providing above features, BAS will release possibility of Web3. Join us and do something interesting.

πŸ‘ Start Building​

Let’ go

  1. Learn more about BAS and how to use it.
  2. Explorer and install the JS SDK.
  3. Explorer existing schema and attestation.
  4. Create your own schema.
  5. Create your first attestation.

🏫 Join the Community​

Come on, we need every you. You can join the community and contribute to the project by:

  1. Joining the BAS Telegram channel or Discord for discussions and support.
  2. Submitting issues or pull requests on BAS Github repository.
  3. Following for updates and announcement on X @rido_crypto.
  4. Seeing more things in RIDO.